Clubs & Networking

The best way to learn about life in law is by talking directly to lawyers and law school professionals.

Start by joining one of the following student organizations and attending their meetings, where many lawyers from different legal fields talk about their experiences:

In addition, Pre-Law Advising Services provides networking events throughout the year to connect students with law schools and legal professionals.  The Law School Fair, our biggest annual event, connects Illinois students to over 100 law schools right here on campus each fall. Check our event calendar for additional programs and networking opportunities.

Many students also conduct informal or informational interviews to learn more about the legal profession. Talk with lawyers who are family members, family friends, or alumni of your college to learn:

  • What lawyers do in a typical work day.
  • Personal attributes needed to be successful in a legal career.
  • Satisfactions and dissatisfactions of the field.
  • The impact of a legal career on personal lives.

Informational Interviewing resources can be found in our Pre-Law Handbook and  on the Pre-Law Compass page as well as on the Career Center's website