LSAT Preparation Fair

Wondering what the LSAT is all about? Looking for the perfect LSAT prep course? Would you like a big discount or maybe a scholarship to an LSAT prep course? Attend the 2017 LSAT Preparation Fair!

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017

2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Illini Union Room B


What is it?

It’s a fair with several LSAT prep companies, and four mini-workshops by LSAT experts (see the schedule below) who will share what is on the LSAT and how to prepare for it. LSAT prep companies will be offering discounts and sharing helpful resources. Have some snacks, watch a quick demonstration of logic games, and win prizes, including LSAT prep course scholarships!

Who should attend?

Freshmen and Sophomores: Find out what’s on the LSAT and how people prepare for it! Join us for mini-workshops by experts about LSAT content. Have some snacks and talk to different LSAT prep companies about how you can plan ahead to maximize your LSAT performance!

Juniors and Seniors: Learn about the LSAT and figure out which LSAT prep option is best for you! Online? Classroom? One-on-one tutoring? Do you want to take a three month class? Six months? One weekend? Talk to different LSAT prep companies about their most effective class formats for you. All participants will receive LSAT prep class discounts! We will also raffle off some scholarships and other great prizes.

Participating Companies

2017 LSAT Prep Fair Workshop Schedule

Time Topic Organization Presenter
2:10-2:30 LSAT Prep & Testing Tips Kaplan Adrienne Brazil
2:40-3:00 Financing Your Legal Education Access Group Joni Scott
3:10-3:30 Reading Comprehension PowerScore Jeremy Press
3:40-4:00 Logic Games NextStep Elliot Hirsen