Any University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign student or alumnus/alumna can utilize our services and resources.

Making An Appointment

The Pre-Law Advising Services Office utilizes OnceHub scheduling system for convenient online scheduling. 

When making an appointment, please have the following information handy:

  • Your UIN and email address
  • Appointment format: Would you prefer an in person (in-person appointments will resume after September 13, 2021), phone, or Zoom appointment?
  • General topics for discussion


If you would like to schedule an appointment with the Pre-Law Advising Office, please review information below on appointment types and resources.  

Appointment Types

We offer multiple types of appointment to help maximize our individual advising opportunities for all students and alumni, and to tailor individual appointments to best meet your specific interests and needs.  Please review the available appointment types prior to scheduling your individual advising session.   


The Pre-Law Advising Appointment is a 30 minute appointment to discuss everything from a new interest in legal careers to application specifics.  Pre-Law Advising appointments are for individuals applying to law school during the current application cycle, and those students who have previously completed the Pre-Law 101 workshop series and initial appointment (Pre-Law 1-on-1).  Typical appointment topics include:

  • Exploring legal careers
  • Building a pre-law resume
  • Selecting a course of study or major
  • Planning for law school
  • LSAT, GRE, and other entrance exams
  • The application process
    • Application strategies/Where and when to apply
    • Utilizing the Credential Assembly Service
    • Understanding each step of the process
    • Help with applications themselves, including essays
    • Advice about selecting a law school
    • How and when to get letters of recommendation
    • Guidance on scholarships

Pre-Law Advising Appointments are currently offered on a remote basis (Zoom or Telephone).  In-Person appointment options will resume after September 13 for the Fall 2021 semester.

The second type of appointment we offer is a Document Review appointment to review Personal Statements, Resumes, and Addendums. If you'd like us to review your personal statement or other law school essay, then please use the online scheduler here to select a Personal Statement/Resume/Essay Review Appointment type, and upload the documents that you want us to review.  

  • Our advisors can review up to 3 documents during one appointment. For example: A personal statement, a diversity essay, and a law school resume can be reviewed during one appointment. (Just upload it all as one file, preferably in Word format.) We will review personal statements/essays of University of Illinois students and alumni up to two times.
  • Our advisors will provide feedback on: Content, theme, structure, transitions, flow, and overall quality of writing. We'll give our impressions and offer suggestions on these topics. We'll also help to troubleshoot problem spots and brainstorm potential alternatives.
  • However, we won't: edit, proofread, correct grammar or spelling errors, rewrite, or restructure your statement. It's very important for applicants to express themselves in their own words, especially because the personal statement is intended as a writing sample reflecting your ability. Ours is not a proofreading service but one intended to help students clarify and convey ideas effectively for purposes of a law school application.
  • For specific feedback, the personal statement review is most effective when your essay is fairly complete--meaning, you are at the point where you have a fairly complete draft, yet you are still open to feedback. 
  • Peak Times:  Our busiest times generally are late October through December. During this period, our advisors will frequently be booked. Please reserve your appointment in advance and cancel in a timely way if necessary so that we can maximize our appointment availability. 

If you have not yet created a meaningful draft, but would like to discuss a personal statement strategy more generally, we recommend scheduling a Pre-Law Advising appointment or reviewing the personal statement resources we've posted in our Pre-Law Handbook or on our Compass page for some guidance.


Document Review appointments are available on a remote basis only.  The recommend format for these appointments is Zoom to facilitate the document review process, however, phone appointments are also available upon request.

The Prelaw 1-On-1 advising appointments are primarily for freshman and sophomore students who have completed the Pre-Law 101 Workshop series (Session 1 and 2) which is offered multiple times during the fall and spring semesters.  These appointments are intended to be initial individual sessions and can be simply opportunities to introduce yourself to a member of the PLAS team or to ask individual questions on a wide-range of topics, including:

  • Exploring legal careers
  • Pre-law student organizations and activities
  • Building a pre-law resume
  • Selecting a course of study or major
  • Academic planning
  • Planning for law school and law school applications
  • Summer internships
  • Gap years
  • Scholarships
  • LSAT, GRE, and other entrance exams

Freshman and sophomore students should complete the Pre-Law 101 Workshop series (Session 1 and 2) prior to scheduling an individual advising appointment.