Pre-Law Advising


Hello and Welcome to Pre-Law Advising Services!  Our goal is to assist you in determining if a legal education and career is the right choice for you, to provide guidance on your undergraduate experience and preparation for law school, and to support you in a successful application to law school.  We look forward to meeting you and helping you explore your interest in attending law school!


Megan Pickens, JD

Director, Pre-Law Advising Services


Gabriela Brunner, JD, MS

Advisor, Pre-Law Advising Services


Theresa Kincaid

Office Administrator, Campus Center for Advising and Academic Services


How and When To Utilize Advising

Whether you are simply checking in to discuss your goals or you are seeking out specific feedback on your application, no question is too small or too large.  Below are a few tips on utilizing advising services to maximize your experience!

  • Start now!  We work with students at any point in their academic journey from freshman year to post-graduation. It is never too early to start – we encourage you to begin working with our office as soon as you begin considering law school.  

    • For students in their first four academic semesters, we ask that you attend the Pre-Law 101 Workshop as the starting point of your engagement with the office.

    • For students in their last semester, there is no time like the present.  Set up a meeting to discuss your goals and questions.

  • Reach out even if you are uncertain.  We are here to help you explore your interest in legal education and careers - sometimes individuals ultimately decide that a path in law is not right for them.  Don't wait to start engaging and asking these questions now - whether or not you ultimately decide to attend law school, we can assist you in academic, extracurricular, and professional planning to ensure that you are as prepared as possible to apply if you decide law school is the right choice for you!

  • Stay connected.  We share considerable insights and information through our listserv communications, blog, and social media.  Make a habit of checking these resources on a regular basis either daily, weekly, or monthly depending on how close you are to the application process.