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  • This is a great starting point for exploring law school/legal careers, learning what law schools are looking for, and understanding each element of the law school application process.

Pre-Law Advising Services Blog

  • The Pre-Law Advising Services Blog is updated on a weekly basis and explores topics related to on and off campus opportunities for Illinois pre-law students and alumni including open houses, speaker events, workshops, internships, scholarship, and job opportunities.  The blog also includes information and insights related to LSAT, the legal profession, academics, the application process, personal statements, gap years, and more!

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Pre-Law Registered Student Organizations

University of Illinois has several pre-law RSO's, including the following. Click here for a complete, searchable listing of RSOs. 

  • Minority Association of Future Attorneys (MAFA). Follow MAFA on Twitter here. Email:
  • Pre-Law Honors Society. Explore their website here. Email:
  • Illinois Trial Team. Explore their website here.

Pre-Law Compass Page

Have you explored our Pre-Law Compass page? There we share videos (including our Pre-Law 101 video), handouts, Illinois law school applicant profiles, and helpful handouts.

It's easy to add yourself to our Compass page--just follow these simple steps.


Login to Compass


Scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Browse Course Catalog"


Type Pre-Law into the search box and click "Go"


Go to the right of the course ID and click on the drop down menu (the circle with the downward arrow) that appears


Select Enroll (after clicking on the drop down menu arrow)


The Pre-Law Advising page will appear in the "My Courses" section of your Compass homepage.
*Please note that it can take up to 24 hours for a newly enrolled course to appear in your My Courses menu