Pre-Law Leadership Summit

The Pre-Law Leadership Summit is an initiative of the Pre-Law Advisory Council. It is a unique opportunity to bring pre-law leaders together to share their perspectives and upcoming plans as well as receive updates from PLAS. Thirty different members of the pre-law community are eligible to attend.

Date: Friday, January 26, 2024
Time: 9:30 - 11:00 am
Location: Illini Union Room 210


Who is eligible to attend?

30 pre-law student representatives will be selected or nominated to attend the Pre-Law Leadership Summit.

  • A designated representative from each of the 13 Registered Pre-Law Student Organizations (view the list here). Each pre-law RSO will nominate their designated representative.
  • 8 self-nominated pre-law student leaders from various organizations on campus. Any pre-law student who feels they are a leader on campus is eligible to self-nominate for an At-Large Representative position.
  • 9 Advisory Council members. Advisory Council members will be selected from the current Advisory Council membership.

To learn more and submit a nomination, please fill out the form below.